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On the Issues

Jasmine Clark believes that Georgia needs leaders who still believe in the sanctity of the Democratic process, where the individuals that govern do so based on the will of the PEOPLE and not the burden of rigid political ideologies. She believes that laws should not result in discrimination, division, or destruction of the individuals and families of our great State. We need lawmakers that are committed to making policies that bring Georgians together, instead of separating us. Representatives that proactively seek inclusive legislation are good for both the people and the economy of Georgia. This is the way Jasmine Clark will represent you!

On Affordable Healthcare


Healthcare in Georgia is in critical condition. Decisions made in the past in regards to healthcare have hurt many Georgia families. The percentage of Georgians without health insurance is among the highest in the nation compared to other States. In Gwinnett County, wherein House District 108 lies, greater than 100,000 residents are uninsured. This is not, nor should it ever be acceptable. Our State's refusal to expand Medicaid has resulted in a large number of Georgian's being left without viable options for insurance and a number of rural hospitals having to shut their doors. Jasmine believes that access to affordable healthcare is a right of all Americans, and policies that ensure this access are vital for the health of our State

On Education


Serving as a faculty member at some of Georgia's top universities, Jasmine is particularly passionate about education. She believes that all children, regardless of race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status should be afforded the same quality education. The disparity between low-income and high income students needs to be addressed. We need solutions that seek to improve the public school system in Georgia. Academically, Georgia is behind, ranking 38th in the nation for education. It is imperative that we invest more in education by investing in our students and in our educators through dedicating more dollars per student in the budget and increasing teacher pay in Geogia.

On Immigration


Throughout Georgia and within Gwinnett County, immigrants have played an integral role in shaping our State. They are mothers, fathers, small business owners, employees, coaches, and friends. They are here because they want to make a better life for themselves and their families as they strive for the American dream. Jasmine believes that we need to make laws that  create pathways instead of barriers to citizenship. We need laws that keep families together instead of tearing them apart.

On Jobs and Wages


It is time that we start having serious conversations about the minimum wage in our State. It is unconscionable that there are people among us that work 40+ hours a week, sometimes at multiple jobs, that cannot afford to live off of those wages. The increase in cost of living has significantly outpaced minimum wage requirements, and it is time we as a State take time to fix it. Jasmine believes that workable solutions can be achieved through collaboration with the business community, including small business owners.

On Guns

Gun violence in America has become a staggering public health issue, and it needs to be addressed. While sweeping changes on the federal level, including funding for scientific research on gun violence, are way overdue, there is also lots of work to be done on the State level. Loopholes that allow individuals to curtail background checks need to be closed. Licensing of guns should be mandated. The minimum age for purchasing a gun should be raised to 21 for all guns. These are just a few solutions that could address this issue. We need legislatures that understand that proposing common sense gun laws and protecting Second Amendment rights are not mutually exclusive. 

On Public Transit


As the population in Georgia, and specifically the metropolitan Atlanta area continues to grow we must address the needs of Georgians outside of the perimeter to have options for transportation. Many people in Gwinnett County (and other counties outside of Fulton and Dekalb) do not have reliable public transportation, and must travel 30+ minutes to the nearest train station. The availability of public transportation is cited as one of the reasons businesses choose their location. Expanding public transit will not only allow more ease in navigating in and around the city, but could also spur job growth, boosting Georgia's economy.

On Redistricting

I am proponent of creating a nonpartisan,independent redistricting commission in Georgia. Gerrymandering disenfranchises voters and is antithetical to our democracy. It is time to take away the ability to draw district lines that benefit one group over another away from political parties. A nonpartisan, and independent redistricting commission is the best way to achieve this aim.

On Climate Change

The earth is our home and we must protect it. There is overwhelming scientific evidence that without willful intervention, there could be catastrophic consequences across the globe. Now is the time for Georgia to commit to investment in renewable forms of energy. Not only will this help Georgian's contribute to the global effort to reduce carbon emissions, but will also bring economic growth to the state.

On Cannabis


While some local governments in the State have passed legislation that decriminalizes possession of small amounts of marijuana, it is time for a statewide initiative. Support for the legalization of marijuana has grown dramatically amongst the Georgia constituency. Jasmine believes that through decriminalization of small quantities of cannabis products for personal use, Georgia could boost its economy through taxation and reduce the prison overcrowding that can be attributed to nonviolent, marijuana possession charges, which disproportionately affects people of color.

On Reproductive Rights

Reproductive care is healthcare, and it is important that it is treated that way. Laws that specifically target women's bodies, that seek to strip away bodily autonomy and allow government intrusion on private medical matters, are unconstitutional and unnecessary. Georgians have a constitutional right to privacy, and should have access to safe, legal abortions.

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